ASMR For Your Eyes

Although liquid upon application, our body oils are light in consistency and dry in very fast.

Just like our body butters, these oils can be used on your face, hands, body, etc. They're basically a lighter version of our body butters for any time you don't want to use something as thick on your bod.
If we were a soda company, we'd call these oils Drifter Lite. We're quite the opposite of a soda company, but hopefully that gives you an idea of what they're like compared to our body butters. Since the body oils are liquid—unlike our body oils—they are best used at home, not on the go. 


  • after a shower/bath
  • after you wash your face/hands
  • after a face mask
  • before bed
  • in a hotel room on a vacation


  • on a bus
  • in the car
  • anywhere else out and about