Drifter Diaries - How It Started

Hey, hey! It’s Micaela and Dawn Marie again, your favorite mother-daughter duo! Welcome to the second installment of our new series Drifter Diaries where we pull back the curtain and give you a peek at what’s going on behind the scenes. 

We started Drifter Organics organically (no pun intended) out of Micaela’s chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases—specifically after Micaela developed rashes on her hands so severe, she lost all mobility in her fingers. Dawn Marie started tinkering away in their kitchen creating skincare using raw ingredients. After many iterations and batches gone wrong, we finally came upon something that worked! And so Drifter Organics was born. We now work in a certified organic and certified vegan lab, but every Drifter product is still hand mixed, hand poured, and packaged by us!