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"Stretch marks during pregnancy are no joke, so I try my best to keep my belly and hips nourished by applying oil or butter morning and night... I leave a jar right in the shower and after I towel off, nourish my full body. I take this time to do a little pregnancy self-massage to relieve my aching muscles and joints and connect with the baby. It’s my favorite pregnancy ritual."

- Geri Hirsch, Founder, Because I'm Addicted

"Pretty sure the last body butter I got excited about smelled of mangos and was purchased with babysitting money. Well, consider this a nineties revival because I'm very feeling this... a line of creamy, dreamily scented blends, dolled-up in packaging so cute it could make Zooey Deschanel clap her hands."

- Erica Cerulo, Co-Founder, Of a Kind

"Since I'm currently pregnant, I use an oil to help prevent stretch marks at home, but oils are so hard to travel with. Love that this feels like an oil when you put it on but is solid and won't spill. Took it on a few trips already, including my latest trip to Morocco!"

- Julia Manchik, Graphic Designer + Photographer

"When I'm looking for something more than plain old coconut oil as an amazing moisturizer, I’ve recently been using Drifter Organics Body Butters, and I absolutely love them."

- Alison Wu, Recipe Developer + Blogger, Wu Haus

 "From dry, scaly legs to wind-chapped hands, Basic has been my freezing fall savior... I slather it on at night and wake up with glowing, super-soft skin."

- Rachel Lapidos, Assistant Editor, Well+Good

 "I am absolutely loving my body butters—the natural scents are perfection—and my two-year-old actually loves them too. He regularly takes a jar off of my dresser and asks to smell it and put it on."

- Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP, Author, Eat PrettyEat Pretty, Live Well, + Eat Pretty Every Day

 "A tightly edited collection of products that smells like heaven, works like a charm, and is safe enough to eat!"

- Anne Sage, Blogger, Stylist, Author, Sage Living

 "I am utterly in love with the smell of Blushing Ambition. I put it on my body after I shower before bed to help me sleep better. The body butter dries in super fast, so I don't have to wait forever for it to dry."

- Kimber-Lee Alston, Founder + CEO, Jolie Coquette

 "The texture is absolutely wonderful—it just melts into your skin! I also adore the cute labels and glass jars. Micaela and Dawn Marie definitely don't skimp on quality ingredients and packaging!"

- Leah Stella Payne, Writer, Editor, Blogger