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"Pretty sure the last body butter I got excited about smelled of mangos and was purchased with babysitting money. Well, consider this a nineties revival because I'm very feeling this... a line of creamy, dreamily scented blends, dolled-up in packaging so cute it could make Zooey Deschanel clap her hands."

- Erica Cerulo, Co-Founder, Of a Kind

"When I'm looking for something more than plain old coconut oil as an amazing moisturizer, I’ve recently been using Drifter Organics Body Butters, and I absolutely love them."

- Alison Wu, Recipe Developer + Blogger, Wu Haus

 "From dry, scaly legs to wind-chapped hands, Basic has been my freezing fall savior... I slather it on at night and wake up with glowing, super-soft skin."

- Rachel Lapidos, Assistant Editor, Well+Good

 "I am absolutely loving my body butters—the natural scents are perfection—and my two-year-old actually loves them too. He regularly takes a jar off of my dresser and asks to smell it and put it on."

- Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP, Author, Eat PrettyEat Pretty, Live Well, + Eat Pretty Every Day

 "A tightly edited collection of products that smells like heaven, works like a charm, and is safe enough to eat!"

- Anne Sage, Blogger, Stylist, Author, Sage Living

 "I am utterly in love with the smell of Blushing Ambition. I put it on my body after I shower before bed to help me sleep better. The body butter dries in super fast, so I don't have to wait forever for it to dry."

- Kimber-Lee Alston, Founder + CEO, Jolie Coquette

 "The texture is absolutely wonderful—it just melts into your skin! I also adore the cute labels and glass jars. Micaela and Dawn Marie definitely don't skimp on quality ingredients and packaging!"

- Leah Stella Payne, Writer, Editor, Blogger