our hashtags

You may have seen us on Instagram and wondered what our different hashtags mean. This nifty little guide will help you out!

Our main hashtag and the tagline that started it all. You’ve probably heard people say, “That color looks good on you!” The idea of “Nature Looks Good on You” is wearing nature makes us be our best selves. “Wearing nature” means living in harmony with our surroundings. This includes everything from feeding our body whole foods to taking care in how we decorate our living spaces to being mindful about how we clothe our bodies and what we apply on our skin. Hashtag all your Drifter photos and videos #naturelooksgoodonyou.

Find out additional hashtags you need to add for specific products below!

The color of pampas grass, dried palm fronds, and honey, Gold Mine sure is a special one. She’s here to make you look your glowiest best, so remember to turn the limelight back on her by using the hashtag #goldminelooksgoodonyou.

Your #1 sidekick in your dirtiest of SOS situations. She’s a hand sanitizer, a surface cleaner, and a room freshener spray—a triple threat if we do say so ourselves. She works extra hard, so show your appreciation for Safety Shield by using the hashtag #ssforyoursos.

Our OG core line of products started with these body butters. Slather them all over your hands, face, and body. Massage them into your hair as a hair mask and drop a dollop into the bath for extra moisturizing power and scent. They’re multifaceted babes who are always excited to discover new ways they can help you lock in your precious moisture—they only ask that in return you use the hashtag #butterlooksgoodonyou.

The lighter siblings of the body butters for any time you don't want to use something as thick on your bod. Even though they’re oils, they’re non-greasy, dry in quickly, and they like it when you use the hashtag #oillooksgoodonyou.

Not only does Smile Balm have your lips covered (no pun intended), she also works magic on cuticles, heels, and other rough patches. Another multifaceted babe at her finest! She may be small, but this little lady packs quite a punch. She’s the balm (pun intended) and she wants you to share using the hashtag #shesthebalm.

Now show us your great style by sharing your cute pics and vids. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #naturelooksgoodonyou, your product’s unique hashtag, and tag @drifterorganics so we can see and share.

See you on the ’gram!